The bikes

I can’t possibly spend the next little while writing about some of my riding experiences without sharing my rides with you.  I have three bikes and they each serve a slightly different purpose.  Let’s take a look at them one by one.

The Giant OCR2 is now used primarily indoors

Giant OCR2: this was my first road bike and I suppose for that reason alone it will always be slightly special.  It was the bike that I rode for the first three full seasons I completed and not only that but it is also the bike that took me from San Diego to Atlantic City when I competed in the 2005 Race Across America.

Simply put, I will never sell it, nor will I ever stop riding it.  What it lacks in high tech gizmos and material, it more than makes up for in sentimental charm!

The Gianella VR2

Gianella VR2: my dream road bike.  I bought it in the Spring of 2007 and since that time, four complete seasons, it has never let me down, nor has it ever been less than exciting to ride.  The one upgrade that I am planning in the short term is the wheel set.  The bike came with FSA RD600s which are very light wheels that feature a cool centre flange to increase lateral rigidity without increasing the weight of the wheel too much.  The challenge is that in their quest for lightness they have used very slender and delicate spokes and I pop at least two spokes a season.  This is course results in me being stranded somewhere and having to call my wife to come and rescue me.  My dream wheels: the Campy Eurus.  All donations accepted.

The 2011 Kona 'Paddywagon'

2011 Kona 'Paddywagon'

Kona ‘Paddywagon’: my latest acquisition, bought in November 2010.  I was mixing the single gear in my collection and as this was the perfect choice for commuting as well it made total sense.  You can justify pretty much any purchase and this is how I justified this one.  I love the simplicity of the bike’s lines and the ease of maintenance.  This is a bike for riding in all weather and not to be pampered too much.

So there you have it.  If I am fortunate enough to expand my two wheeled collection moving forward you will certainly read about it here.

Safe riding.


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