Bread and fixie

Paddywagon leaning up against the cheese

The park has some bizarre sculptures, none more so than this giant plate complete with cheese (I think it’s a Swiss judging by the holes) and a fine French baguette.  How brilliant though, don’t you think?  I just love it.  It’s quirky and that’s kind of what Montreal is all about in my opinion.  You never know what you’re going to find just around the corner.

Dead straight forks on the Kona

This morning was all about spinning.  Maintaining a good high cadence and working the legs.  I didn’t practice any of the tricks as I wanted to have a completely uninterrupted ride, and save for two minutes off the bike to snap a couple of pictures that’s exactly what I got.  We’re coming to the end of August but the mornings are still lovely and warm, around 16c now at 6.00 a.m., and we’ve got a couple more months of mild weather before the autumn picks up in earnest.

Once again I opted not to take the Edge 800.  Rides like this I don’t need to know how fast I am going or which direction I am heading in.  I know whether I feel good or not and it is pure fun to ride without those gizmos every now and then, especially on this bike.  In fact, purists would lambast me for even occasionally putting on the computer.  It’s just not cricket!

Beautiful simplicity



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4 responses to “Bread and fixie

  1. That looks a tasty bit of bread. I’d have a slice of it between two slices of wholemeal for a proper bread sandwich. I’ve been riding my pista a lot lately as well and loving the simplicity of not thinking about gears. I’ve got the GPS and the freewheel on. I also like 20/20 cricket, so I’ll be the first against the wall when the purists finally revolt.

  2. Nice pics. I don’t think I’ve ever commented on your bike before, but that is a sleek machine you have there. Very nice!

    • Thanks Steve. I love the ride – very different from riding the road bike but totally complimentary as a training ride. The constant spinning becomes a habit that you carry over to the road bike…..go further faster as a result!

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