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I see the light!

Friday marked the first time I had ridden to the campus in almost two weeks. Not because I have embraced a more sedate form of travel, although I did enjoy driving the new Fiat to the office once last week, but timing and agenda simply meant that I was working from home more than usual. I could not have picked a more gorgeous morning to be back on the lakeshore.


You can make out the 'rays' of light passing through the clouds.

The bugs were out in full force.  There are plenty of sections along the water where you are literally getting smacked from tip to toe by little flying creatures of varying sizes.  They don’t often end up in your mouth, if you keep it closed, but then when you’re riding hard it is not ideal to be pounding along with your gob tightly shut.  You just don’t get enough air coming in, and so sooner or later you have to open up.  That’s when anything within a six foot radius of said oral opening just gets sucked in and you only know about it when you feel a ‘thwack’ at the back of your throat.  If this happens do not try and bring the offending insect back up into the mouth.  For starters it’s almost impossible and secondly who wants to feel that sucker buzzing around on your tongue.  No, your only option is to glug plenty of water and push that bugger down your pipe.  As he is past your tongue already, its not gross anymore.

Off to Toronto for a couple of days next week so I think my riding is going to be limited to a couple of early morning rides.  Intervals perhaps?

Ride safe.


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