Official RWC 2011

It would be very remiss of me not to have some mention of the ongoing Rugby World Cup currently being played in New Zealand.  I love rugby.  Always have, although now it is purely as a spectator and not a participant.

In school I played rugby from the age of seven up to about fifteen, when sadly I realized that I could get away without having to participate in sports at school anymore, and so I made an unfortunate decision that many teenagers make: I quit.  I have since regretted that decision, but nothing to do about it now.  That was then and I was, like so many of us, young and stupid.

Another try for England

Anyway, watching the game has always remained with me, although only on the World Cup level (much like football).  I was watching the game live in 2003 when England raised the Webb Ellis Trophy aloft after Johnny Wilkinson’s magical drop goal only seconds before the end of overtime.  What an awesome moment in the sport that was.  The following cup they battled back as the defenders of the crown from a poor performance in the pool games to make it once more to the finals, but this time they were beaten by a better team.

Try number 6 against Georgia

Now we find ourselves in 2011 and so far England’s performance is, as per this amateur, on track.  They should go through the pool round without suffering, and then it’ll be “go for it” time in the knock out rounds.  The next pool game is on September 24 against Romania.  I am not going to jinx it by making any bold proclammations, but I am hoping their form continues.

For those of you keeping tabs on team Canada, you will surely recognize this man, whose beard is becoming more famous than the tournament itself.  Go team Canada and Adam Kleeberger!

Now THAT is a beard.



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4 responses to “Official RWC 2011

  1. USA kept Ireland close, beat Russia, and has Australia next. You can’t throw the ball forward, and there are things called “rucks,” “mauls,” and “scrums.” There. I have exhausted my RWC knowledge! Fortunately, Universal Sports is covering the event and I’m actually learning a bit from watching the games.

  2. I shouldn’t regret giving up rugby too much – I went the other way and should have given up before I started getting all those injuries. And I wasn’t even very good at it. I’d been watching it less and less lately because it tends to be the same teams playing each other over and over again but this world cup has really re-ignited my enjoyment of the sport. None of the lesser nations is giving up without a fight and the crowd is obviously really enjoying just being there. It should be a good game between Japan and Canada. I’ll be cheering for Japan but I think Canada will be too strong. I’m also hoping the All Blacks can finally win a world cup but if they don’t, I can’t say I’m not used to that by now.

    On a side note, there’s a Canadian player, Mike Pyke, who scored a brilliant try against the All Blacks in 2007 and then switched sports to Australian Football and has, I believe, been moderately successful for the Sydney Swans. Must be quite a sportsman.

    • Now that I am back home I need to check the schedule properly and set the DVR for some of the key matches coming up. Hmm, England vs Scotland on Oct 01 seems to be the next critical one for me, and of course Canada vs Japan on Sept 27. I am hoping that the formidable beard of Mr. Kleeberger will prove altogether too terrifying for the Japanese!

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