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The time has come, the walrus said… this case the walrus has indicated that it makes sense to focus my energy on the team blog, Charlie Bucket Cycles.  You can click on our logo above to get to the sight and I hope that if you’ve subscribed to ridefixies you will take the time to follow us at Charlie Bucket.

Why would you want to?  Well, there are plenty of reasons, but surely the most exciting one, is that not only are you dazzled by my writing genius there, but you will also be able to share in the lives of two of my closest friends, Paul and Andy.  We al love to ride our bikes, and it doesn’t really matter what kind of bike it is.  The important thing is that you’re getting out there and riding.

So don’t be shy. Come over to and follow us (the link is in the top left column).  It’s completely free and we won’t pester you with offers and advertising.  You only need to read what’s interesting to you, and frankly the only reason you would want to follow us is if you’re into riding bikes.

ridefixies will remain here for a while but all new content is going to be published at Charlie Bucket.  Thank you for following me up ’til now, and I sincerely hope you’ll come over to Charlie Bucket with me.



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