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Conservative estimate

I lay awake last night trying to work out how many kilometres I had done on the fixie.  It had seemed strange to me that I’d worn out the rear tyre, right through to the thread, but now that I’ve taken a moment to sit back and work out some basic calculations, I actually think that I was due a hole or two.

As my mate Bruce said to me last night, “You got your monies worth with those tyres”.  I think he is right.  Here’s how the math goes.

  • Started commuting to work on the Paddywagon in the second week of March
  • A conservative average of two return trips to the campus each week.  (Some weeks it has been three, even four, some it has been one, and I had a one week break in Connecticut)
  • A quick count of the calendar tells me that 28 weeks have passed
  • That’s a total of 56 round trips.
  • Drumroll please……….2,800 km
Not bad.  In fact, I have to agree with Bruce that that rear tyre did me proud.  The distance is one thing, but there are a couple of additional factors that make it all the most interesting.  One being that the fixed gear just takes more out of the rear wheel.  It’s a more aggressive ride and then there’s the occasional sliding, or skidding, that can happen when performing any kind of emergency stop.  The second major factor is the 30lb back pack I ride with.  As it is slung on my back it is right over the rear wheel adding a lot of additional stress on the rubber.  Every bump bounces that thing about and has surely caused more severe wear than if I was riding without it.  There’s also the fact that it pulls a lot more of my own natural body weight onto the rear wheel, so the usual 60/40 weight division (rear/front) is not respected.
All that to say, I have accepted that I needed new tyres.  Ride safe.

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