That’s what my back pack weighs on any given day that I commute to the office.  It may not sound like all that much, but when it’s strapped to your back and you have it there for the 25 km to work and then the 25 km back, you notice it.  Having said that, as the season wears on it becomes less and less an encumbrance and more part of me.

Bike and bag: inseparable on the commute.

As much as I do enjoy the ride into and back from work, when I get to go out on the Kona without the backpack, it is an awesome experience.  But I’ll save that for another entry.  Today was all about schlepping the back pack to and from Nun’s Island, and the way back featured an interestingly annoying head wind.  As I write this head wind has morphed into a mega thunderstorm, the likes of which only arrive a few times a year.  I was supposed to be heading out with Andy for a couple of hours, but we’ve shelved that plan and have opted instead for an evening of beer and pizza.  Well, come on, we had to come up with something.


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