Brooks calling




OK so who’s got a Brooks saddle out there?  Anyone?  Someone must be able to share some experience with the iconic saddle makers from England.  Let me know, because I am very seriously considering buying the B17 for the Paddywagon.  I have always loved the look of them, and being English I would like nothing more than to have one of their saddles on my fixie.

So, bring on the feedback, good and bad.  Most of the reviews I read are positive, but the odd person cites them as being very uncomfortable and challenging to wear in etc.  I’m all ears!



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6 responses to “Brooks calling

  1. I’ve never tried a Brooks saddle, but before you make the plunge you ought to try out a Koobi — it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee if you don’t like it. I own three of them and have yet to find anything better. I wrote a review of the Koobi on my blog at:

    • Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll look into them. I read your review and notice that you felt good to ride considerably further than in previous years so that’s a pretty solid endorsement!

  2. Despite what I’ve said about them being for a more upright cycling position, both my Brooks B17s are great saddles. I’ve had no problems breaking them in (I’m about 80kg – they may break in more slowly for lighter riders) and find them very comfortable indeed. I put one on my carbon road bike for a 300km brevet and had no discomfort at all. But perhaps I can muddy the waters by suggesting a B17 narrow or a Swift or Swallow may be a better fit for your Paddywagon.

    • Why thank you, kind sir, for the alternate suggestions. One shall take all of them into very careful consideration. I already like the look of the B17 narrow. One thanks the honourable gentleman for his impeccable suggestions.

  3. Brian

    Check out this video on YouTube:
    Look at this it has video at start in Brooks factory making sadles !

    Sent from my iPad

    • What an absolutely brilliant video…..I need to find the rest of it. I sat glued to the screen for the full nine minutes. I like this bloke and I am envious of his feat of cycling around the globe! Something I wish I had started a few years ago. Thanks for the link!

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