Nothing if not consistent

So I received something pretty darn exciting in the mail yesterday.  Yup!  My new Garmin Edge 800.  What a machine.  This thing can do laundry and cook you dinner, all while computing your rides to a ridiculous level of accuracy.  Now, while I am really looking forward to getting out there and testing it on a good long road ride, I did strap it onto the fixie this morning and record my commute, both the out journey and the return some eight hours later.

Well, hats off to me!  Check this out.

Two different rides, 8 hours apart. Almost identical.

I know.  You can’t believe it either can you?  Remarkable really, but let’s do a little analysis to understand what makes this even cooler.  (Oh, don’t hesitate to click on the image to view the full resolution and then click the back button once you’re done).

On the ride in (right hand column) I benefitted from a 15 km/h tailwind.  Nice easy ride, spinning the legs continuously and not exerting myself too much.  This is evidenced by the average HR of 148 and a relatively low caloric burn.  The landscape changed quite dramatically for the return trip.  For the 45 minutes prior to me leaving the campus, I stared out of the massive windows and watched the rain smash into them, the trees lean dramatically in the wind and even the birds being tossed about somewhat.  I knew it was going to be a rough one.

Fortunately the rain stopped by the time I got onto the bike, but there was still a headwind / head-cross wind for the full 25 km back, but I was determined to put in a good show.  Elevated HR as compared to the morning clearly demonstrates that I did have to put in substantially more effort, but here is the fun part: my average speed both on the way out and on the way back was almost identical-  30.3 km/h vs. 30.2 km/h.  Naturally a lot of the other stats were almost identical as well, with the time it took me to come home being only 6 seconds slower than going to work.  To do that, however, my average HR coming home was 87% of max, which coincidentally enough was my maximum HR from the morning.  My max in the afternoon was 94% of max.  I also burned 100 more calories as a result.  Extra pie for me tonight.

I think this is a lot more interesting to me than to most of you, but if you’re a bit of a dork when it comes to these types of stats then I am sure you’ll get a kick out of it.  So stay tuned for some analysis on a real road ride soon.  Got to get some climbing in to really see the HR go up!

Ride safe.



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2 responses to “Nothing if not consistent

  1. It’s a very nice computer indeed. I’m led to believe that @kazrollo wants one, too. Impressive consistency on those rides. Makes me think you may have the pleasure of a traffic-light free commute?

    • About 75% of the commute is along the bike path so aside from the odd clumsy rollerblader I am traffic free. The part where I am on the road is not too bad on the out run, what with it being super early, but sometimes on the ride home it can get a tad busy.

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