Wasp attack

I think it was a wasp.  It certainly felt like a wasp.  I was bombing along, minding my own business on the return commute along the water, when all of a sudden there was a stabbing pain on the underneath of my thigh.  It felt like someone had inserted a needle into the flesh and was in the process of injecting some hot oil into the muscle.

Paddywagon cleaned up and ready for riding

Dramatic?  I think not!  That bloody hurt.  I also suffer from the nervous disposition that puts one on high alert when you think you may still have a stinging insect flying around in your shorts.  I slowed down as rapidly as possible and pulled over, somehow not coming to grief on the grass.  After dismounting I proceeded to dance about like a complete twit (echoes of Monty Python in my head) and eventually saw no option but to pull down my shorts, relieved that I had decided that going commando was not an option on the bike, and check every crevasse carefully incase the wasp in question was only injured and bent on revenge.

I found nothing, and for a second I wondered whether I had imagined the whole experience.  Fortunately the discovery of a red dot surrounded by some mild swelling confirmed the presence of the attacker and I felt a little less stupid.  The lesson from today?  When riding with seriously baggy shorts, be prepared to get stung, or tie the ends up with gaffer tape!

Ride safe.



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3 responses to “Wasp attack

  1. One of the more unusual (and compelling) arguments for lycra I have ever read!

  2. Kaz

    I hope you are not sick from it. I once got stuck by a bee on my back and I was nauseated for some time. And it was quite sore. Were there many people watching you stripping?

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