Atwater loop and a creaky seat post

I managed to get out just before lunch today and complete one of my favourite local loops, one I have named the ‘Atwater Loop’. The reason for that is quite simple: the half way mark is at the well known Atwater Market in downtown Montreal. A farmer’s market during the summer and home to higher end comestibles vendors all year round, you can be sure to find everything from twenty varieties of apples through to pasta that’s more expensive than gold per pound.

Riding tall on the VR2.

It was an awesome day for a ride and the VR2 was flying. The new chain and Campy 10-speed cassette and providing super slick gear changes, a pleasant change from the clunking and skipping that I was starting to accept as normal prior to the replacement. I have noticed a slight creaking from my seat post, however, and this is mighty annoying. I am confident that my diagnosis is accurate because I notice it when I am pedalling in the seated position, but whenever I stand in pedals and charge the bike is almost stealth-like in its silence! So does anyone have any advice for me? How does one successfully cure a creaking seat post? Is it usually a problem with the seat itself, or rather the tube as it enters the frame? Any tips would be enormously appreciated.

Creaking post aside, I made terrific time on this almost windless day. I completed the 43 km loop with an average speed of 31.1 kph. Some days it just all comes together and feels bloody awesome to be riding, and this was one of them. The bike path was relatively clear of rollerbladers and recreational cyclists and so I could use both lanes to maximise the cornering and keep the hammer down. I can’t pretend that I felt like a pro rider, but it did feel brilliant to go flat out and not have to slow down but a couple of times.

Nothing like a quick hard burn like that to refresh the grey cells for an afternoon of conference calls and Excel spreadsheets. Ride safe.



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2 responses to “Atwater loop and a creaky seat post

  1. 43km – pretty good for a lunch-time ride! I put a bit of grease around my seatpost – it seems to have worked. Apparently some manufacturers recommend against this as the grease may affect the laminates but there are some greases out there designed to help carbon grip (eg Pace Carbon Composite Shield Grease – I’ve never tried it, though).

    • Let’s just say it was an executive lunch! I’ll try a couple of things for the seat post and let you know how it goes. I was out this morning for 40 km and the creaking is a little aggravating to say the least!

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