What the?…..

Still in Ottawa and for most of the day locked up in this windowless meeting room deep in the bowels of the old Revenue Canada taxation building, now a Bell Canada office. Despite this, I did manage to escape into the sunlight briefly to scrounge up a cup of coffee, and it was on one of these little sojourns that I happened upon this:


Words escape me. The car is a beauty. A wonderful example of how to update a classic and give it new life for a whole new generation. The same was done for the Mini Cooper and before that the VW Beetle. In fact I think the Ford Thunderbird also received the same treatment. All brilliant examples of how a classic design can be updated without taking away what made it a classic in the first place.

But wait a minute. What’s that I see? No! It cant possibly be a pair of……eyelashes? There’s really nothing I can say. I was tempted to hang around so I could meet the owner and ask her (I assume it’s a female, but you just never know) what she could possibly be thinking decorating her car with such paraphernalia. Well GDGTGIRL, you’re lucky I did not have time to waste, but know this: your little Fiat 500 has feelings and right now she’s awfully embarrassed.


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