Come on Mother Nature

It’s not that we’ve had too much snow.  It’s just that we have it, period.  I work from my home office a couple of days a week, and it’s a treat to be able to do so.  I don’t take that privilege for granted and I have to say I really enjoy being able to meander upstairs and grab a decent coffee, and better still, have lunch with Marie.  I don’t, therefore, hate the snow because it makes driving to the office an intolerable chore.  I dislike the snow because it means I have to drive!

I miss the commute by bike.  When you’ve been riding to work for eight months, it truly is a shock to be back in a car in the traffic with the rest of the suckers who crawl like drones to the high-rise madness of downtown.  I have never understood the physics of traffic, nor am I about to get into it here, but as I drive through the dreaded rail yards, about half way to work, I can look to my right and see the bike path.  Empty of course, as it never gets ploughed, but see I can it nonetheless.

This is about the time of year when winter is definitely starting to get old and yet spring is still a long way off.  I’m usually back outside on the roads by the second or third week of March, so a quick calculation tells me that I still have six weeks of this.  Not to worry, I still have plenty of mountains to climb and time trials to beat on the simulator in the basement, but it’s just not the same, and I am really starting to itch to get out.

The 'Paddy Wagon" belongs outside on the road, not in my office

I think staring at the Kona all day in my office is making this worse.  It’s like dangling the ‘Duck Breast Tenders’ that the dog so loves right in front of his salivating chops, but then holding him just out of reach.  The smell of the dried, sinewy scraps of meat torturing his every fibre to the point of certain insanity.  Luckily the bike does not smell like jerky’d duck breast, but I did take ten minutes this afternoon to swish the dust off it and put a little oil on the chain, and then I took this picture as it was looking fine and shiny and ready for the open road.  That left me feeling the same as Alfie.  My duck jerky is a Kona fixed gear bike.

Six weeks is not that long.  I can do it.  Hey, I might even get lucky like last year and dress up like an Arctic explorer to brave the freezing but dry roads of early March.  You see the cold does not bother me at all.  You can dress for it.  It’s the ice and salty slush that I can’t stand.  The former because it is just plain dangerous and the latter because it’ll wreck the bike in no time.

So come on Mother Nature.  Do me a solid and turn this winter into spring.



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5 responses to “Come on Mother Nature

  1. Whereas I’ve escaped the winter only to have most days too warm to be out riding much later than 9am (can’t complain too loudly – at least I can get up early and get a ride in) and today, of all things, there’s a tropical cyclone heading for town. I think I’ll ride anyway. The rain might cool me down.

  2. I shouldn’t complain at all mate…..did you re-read your comment? I dream of a day where it’s ‘too warm’ to ride! 🙂 Lucky sod! So, did you get caught up in the cyclone?

  3. I think I just have to accept I’m going to spend my life moaning about the weather. No sign of this cyclone. The sun’s out and it’s looking like a standard hot day out there. I’ve already done a sneaky 50km ride before it got too hot for me.

  4. And here I was thinking that was a uniquely English thing to do!

  5. No one whinges like an Aussie and they don’t call Kiwis South Sea Poms for nothing. It’s not just driving on the left that we’ve inherited.

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