Watch out David Bailey!

I live about a kilometre from a lake called Lac St. Louis.  Back in the early 1900s the lake presented the opportunity for the wealthy in Montreal to create a “cottage country” community that was probably about a ninety minute horse and buggy ride from the bustle and smoke and pollution of the growing city.  Now called Dorval, this suburb of our great city houses the airport for one thing, but more importantly it still maintains a lot of the charm that must have been part of its original draw back in the day.  The streets are not all on a perfect grid, and every house is different from the other.  You’re not in a pre-fab suburban development where you could easily mix your house up with the next door neighbour’s were it not for the unkempt lawn that sets your abode apart.  Our streets have no concrete sidewalks, no borders de-marking the lawn from the street, no ginormous power stations smack in the middle of the development.  We come from a time before all these things.

6.00 a.m. on the lake

Which brings me to the theme of today’s entry.  I have long been trying to capture the essence of this part of town and I like to think I’ve taken some memorable pictures on my rides in and around Montreal.  I was gobsmacked, however, by the pics Andy has been taking the past few weeks, and I asked him to send me a few because I simply had to share them with everyone.  We so often take for granted where we live and it is easy to forget the natural beauty that we have right on our doorstep.  These photos remind me that our planet offers so many beautiful images and you can find them just about anywhere.  Even at the end of my street.


The lonely tracks of the lake skier
“You are cleared for landing, Tango”
Moon at dawn
Self-portrait of our photog

*All images have been used with the express permission of the photographer and he has waived all rights to any future royalties handing them over without reserve to the author of this blog!


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