A new year, a new look

So here we are, starting 2011 with a new look and a whole new format.  Let’s see where it takes us.  I did not make this choice blindly.  I checked on that vast repository of information called the Internet and it was clear that WordPress garnered the bulk of the plaudits, and so here I am.

For the record, it’s not that I was entirely dissatisfied with the Mac blogging utility, but it was a little frustrating that I could not update it from anywhere at anytime.  I must confess to also being a little annoyed with the formatting of images.  Loading them into the blog entry was simple enough, but often when one went to post the final version a number of rewrites were necessary as the images had somehow hidden some text, or just plain moved.  For no reason it would seem.

That brings me to here, the beginning of the new year and conveniently the beginning of my ‘new look’ blog.

Do let me know what you think.

Happy New Year.


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